Sunday, 1 February 2009

Caught in a Snowstorm



John | English Wilderness said...

It'll be dark in an hour and the weather's getting worse. There's a snowstorm on the way! What would you do?

The pictures show the view to the north, east, south and west. The wind is blowing from the north-west.

In your backpack you have a compass, torch, whistle, microfiber towel, cutlery, pen, notepad, first aid kit, matches, space blanket, 5m of rope, spare socks, scarf, woolly hat, waterproof coat, candle, chocolate biscuits and a fizzy drink.

Mike said...

Nice photos and great site! Thanks for sharing your work.

Ratty said...

I would head home if it's close enough. If it isn't I would try to find a place out of the wind, and get under that blanket. Anything to be sure I stay warm.

Sandra said...

The hill south looks like 2 minutes away. I'd go to the top to get a better view. If there's a building I'd head there. Else head east for the lake, take a compass bearing.

The Accessory Lady said...

I hope the snow lets up soon and you are able to dig out. Stay safe!

Marlene Affeld said...

Thanks for your interesting post - I live in Montana and the weather can be a real danger. Snow like you are experiencing is indeed rare. Stay safe and warm - Spring is on the way.

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