Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Apennine Mountains

half moon, 6pm 21/02/2010

half moon, 10pm 21/02/2010

No matter how many times I photograph the moon, every photo seems to reveal surface features I hadn't previously noticed. Tonight the shadows fell just right for the Apennine Mountains to show to the west of the Sea of Serenity. The range includes Mons Huygens, the highest mountain on the moon at 5000m.


Paul said...

That second shot, is one of the best moon shots I have seen in quite awhile. Nicely done!

jam said...

I wonder which lens you are using! A super telescope perhaps? Nice shots!

earthtoholly said...

Holy cow! How in the world did you capture this? Amazing!

Ratty said...

I love moon pictures. I'm envious of your fantastic ones here. The best I can get so far after just a little practice is just showing the features a little bit.

Cens World said...

I am wondering how you were able to capture this. Great though. Very nice.

Anonymous said...


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