Wednesday 31 August 2011

Sawfly Larvae

sawfly larvae

Our rose bush is covered with sawfly larvae at the moment. This strange looking bug is approx 14mm long :-)

Thursday 25 August 2011

The Old East Passage, Gaping Gill

The Old East Passage, Gaping Gill

A few days ago we paid another visit to Gaping Gill, a pothole in Yorkshire with a 110m drop from the surface. Once inside we went off to explore the Old East Passage.

The Old East Passage, Gaping Gill

After climbing the east slope and scaling a small ladder we entered a wide low passage.  Progress along the passage varied between stooping and a crawl.

The Old East Passage, Gaping Gill

The passage is well decorated with an abundance of stalactites :-)

stalactites in the Old East Passage, Gaping Gill

Monday 15 August 2011



I suspect this dragonfly I spotted a few minutes ago is a blue hawker, another insect that isn't mentioned in Complete British Wildlife :-)

Tuesday 9 August 2011

The View from Victoria Cave

The view from Victoria Cave

Victoria Cave is in King's Scar high above the village of Langcliffe and offers a fantastic view to the distant hills. :-)

Tuesday 2 August 2011


spider in Spider Cave

I visited a few caves over the weekend. Now I know how Spider Cave earned it's name - it's full of spiders :-(
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