Monday, 15 December 2008

To Catch the Moon



Anonymous said...

Ratty at The Everyday Adventurer published some impressive photos of the moon in mid-afternoon.

I've tried to capture the moon at night before, without getting a very clear shot. The best is above.

Can you suggest any tips to get a better shot so I can try them out on the next clear night with a full moon?



Ratty said...

This looks like a great photo to me, John. The best I have been able to get at night is a white blur. I'll be waiting to see a few good tips too.

Anonymous said...

To photograph the moon you need to underexpose at least 2-3 stops. I shot the moon at its closest point to earth the other night and had to underexpose it by 5 stops because it was so bright! Here's a link to some of my moon shots to give you an idea:


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