Saturday, 12 September 2009

Seeds of the Sycamore Tree

sycamore tree, sycamore seeds


John | English Wilderness said...

We used to call these keys or helicopters from the way they spin as they fall :-)

Joe Cheray said...

I always wondered what kind of tree's those were. Thanks now I know what to tell my son when he asks what kind of tree those 'spinny around seeds' come from.

Ratty said...

We used to call them helicopters too. Nature supplies fun toys!

Sharkbytes said...

Um... those are a maple. But what we call sycamore you Brits call a plane tree (actually they are cousins but close). So do you call a maple a sycamore? US sycamores and plane trees have a spiny ball as a seed

John | English Wilderness said...

Hi Sharkbytes. It's strange how the names are different. This is how we name them here:

Acer campestre, = Maple (helicopters in pairs at 180°)
Acer pseudoplatanus, = Sycamore (helicopters in pairs at 90°)
Platanus x hispanica, = Plane

Cut Out Studio UK said...

I like your blog.

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