Tuesday 3 November 2009

Derbyshire Hillside

Derbyshire, Castleton
This one was taken during a brief moment of sunshine in Castleton, looking west from Speedwell Caverns. I always feel the urge to climb desolate looking hills. Would you climb it and if so, would you go via the tree?


Joanne Olivieri said...

This is gorgeous. I would love to climb that hill and would definitely go via the tree if my balance were better. I don't do much hiking anymore because of my vertigo but this would definitely be inviting for me.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I would climb it, but I've never been to a place like this. The closest I've come was at a state park in another part of America from me. It might have been the highest up I've ever been. I would love to look down from a place like in your picture.

jam said...

Beautiful hillside view! Would you like to exchange link with me?

Sheila said...

You wouldn't be able to stop me! Up to the top the shortest way to see the view, and back down via the tree. This is beautifully English.

Meghann said...

Wow. I would DEFINITELY try climbing it, and would simply have to try climbing the tree...though I may need to find out if ambulance service runs there in case I fall and break something, lol.
Just gorgeous as always!

clipping path solution said...

It's nice to see Derbyshire Hillside. Thanks for sharing the post

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