Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Andle Stone, Derbyshire

the Andle Stone, Twopenny Loaf, The Oundle Stone, The Anvil Stone

Derbyshire's Andle Stone is 5m high and stands in a field surrounded by a drystone wall. Among the modern graffiti at the top are cup marks, possibly contemporary with nearby stone circles Doll Tor and the Nine Ladies.


Ratty said...

Great picture with such a great view. It must be something special to be able to investigate the area with the stone.

Joanne Olivieri said...

I like this shot. It is unique with a story behind it. That tree stands out in the crowd.

Inspirations Unlimited said...

What a nice picture! So relaxing..

Kim ("Kitterly") Fasser said...

I've never been to England, but sure felt like it viewing your beautiful photos! :)

H said...

Hi John. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we have climbed the Andle Stone, but I don't have photos of that one, only the Cork Stone.

I have enjoyed browsing your blog. You have some amazing photos and have included other places I recognise.

Will definitely be returning! :)

OneDay said...

Beautiful! So green and lush. I hope to visit the English countryside some day. :-)

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