Sunday 27 March 2011

Formations in Gough's Cave

formations in Gough's Cave, Cheddar

Gough's Cave is one of the show caves in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset. The cave was originally know as Sand Hole. A retired local, Richard Cox Gough, spent 8 years excavating the cave before discovering Saint Paul's Chamber and opening it to the public.

In 1903 a human skeleton was discovered just inside the entrance, buried beneath 9000 years of debris. Cheddar Man was about 23 years old when he died and dates from 7150BC. Excavation revealed evidence of human occupation from approx 12000BC to Romano-British times.

formations in Gough's Cave

formations in Gough's Cave, Cheddar Gorge

reflections in Gough's Cave, Cheddar


Sharkbytes said...

Awesome place and pictures. Was the entrance hidden, that no one had disturbed that skeleton. I appreciate the explanation, but want more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes - what Sharkbytes - said why so long til discovery? Nifty pics (and is that where cheddar cheese originated?)

Ryan said...

I can't believe some of the time frames this article has listed, that's truly amazing. These pictures look like something out of a movie or fairytale story, they certainly attract one's attention. Thanks for sharing, I'm more interested in the topic now.

John Metcalf said...

Sharkbytes, Grace: the entrance was filled with debris / clay which had to be removed before Cheddar Man and the rest of the cave could be discovered. I've updated the post with brief details :-)

And yes this is where Cheddar cheese originally comes from. In fact part of the cave is used to store cheese! ;-)

Suhartono the Art said...

wonderful cave, great pictures, great job. come to Indonesia, we have many beautiful caves and natural, like in Bantimurung-South Sulawesi there is a prehistoric civilization cave, beautiful natural caves and conservation area world-class for butterfly), Pacitan and in South Malang-East Java (there is a beautiful natural cave.Happy nice day

H said...

I have been through the caves at Wookey Holes, but not Gough's Cave. The time scale here is truly mind blowing!

Emma Springfield said...

Nature is astounding in the things we are given to enjoy. So they cured cheddar cheese in with the Cheddar Man or was he a caretaker, I wonder.

William K Wallace said...

Cheddars Cave looks like something from another world or a fairytale, I would love to explore it, what a buzz that would be.

I wonder how many other caves just like that exist all over the UK waiting to be discovered.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I'm constructing a list of related blogs (with links) for Loose and Leafy

and have included English Wilderness. (Hope that's ok.)

Is there a picture / emblem . . . something along those lines which you would like to have put with the link? (It will make the page look more interesting!)


Dancin Fool said...

Wonderful shots! I envy you that trip.

I wanted to invite you to join In Bloom and share some of your images. Follow me to find out more. Bye for now!

sundcarrie said...

Loving these photos! Looks like fun.

Clipping Path said...

Oh! It's a very great post. thanks for sharing with us.

Cut Out Studio UK said...

It's nice to see the structure in the cavern of the cavern. Thanks for sharing the post

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