Thursday 2 August 2012

Spur Gears / Cogs

Spur Gears / Cogs

Spur Gears / Cogs

Spur Gears / Cogs

Spur Gears / Cogs


TOMAS said...

While looking at your photos, I was impressed. They caught me at a glimpse. Everything looked so familiar. Yet I thought, it couldn't be so because of the distance between us. Meanwhile your pictures continued to attract - When I have grasped the secret of the above "contradiction" the initial charm doubled - you portray not some things bu the inner world! And Your photography testifies for human oneness. Tomas Karkalas is glad to bow to you, dear fellow. Thank you for the sharing

Löpband said...

So interesting post. Various kinds of gears. Wonderful images. What kind of work actually these gears are uses? Please tell me.

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Clipping Path said...

Wo gear that is.

Product Image Retouching Services said...

While browsing through your photos, I was genuinely impressed! They immediately caught my attention and drew me in. Everything felt strangely familiar, even though I knew there was a significant distance between us. As I continued to explore your pictures, their allure only grew stronger. It was then that I realized the secret behind this captivating contradiction: you don't just capture things, but rather the essence of the inner world! Your photography serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of humanity. 📸✨🌍

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