Monday, 9 February 2009

Capture the Moon


Mandy said...

Amazing pictures! I would love to be able to take shots like that!

Ratty said...

That's pretty good. I like being able to see the craters and other marks.

Anonymous said...

How did you get such great shots? Beautiful views of the moon.

Mary Sharpe said...

Did you take these photographs?

This morning, Tuesday 10th February, I woke up to see the most beautiful golden full moon I have ever seen and was quite startled by it.

Mary Sharpe

Unknown said...

how to get the best moon photos

set manual focus on infinity.
set manual exposure to a normal daylight exposure like f16 at 100 /sec with asa 100 speed. or better f4 at 400/sec with asa 100 so your shaking hands on full zoom don't cause the blurring like inthe top photo.

(The moon's surface is actually the same brightness as daylight becuase it IS a daylight lite scene.)

Martin MY said...

I have added you to my blog roll of honour on my photoblog site. Roll on Photobloggers, great for dyslexics!

roentare said...

Wonderful looking moon in deed!

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely stunning! You asked for thoughts on what to do better and honestly, I couldn't even get photos as good as these. You have my respect!

I've featured this in my Sunday Spotlight. Thanks so much for a great post!

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