Monday 16 February 2009

Horseshoe Cave, Attermire

horseshoe cave
horseshoe cave upper passage
the view from horseshoe cave


Anonymous said...

Horseshoe Cave is just around the corner from Attermire Cave. Even so I missed it on my first visit!

The floor of the passage quickly ascends until it reaches a 3m drop. Passages lead off on two levels.

The lower passage is tight, muddy and wet. The upper passage leads through a crawl into a low chamber.

There's a strong draft from a partially blocked passage in the chamber. Is it possible to force a way through?

Martin MY said...

A haven for potholers no doubt. I used to have man of them a drinking partners aftert heri expiditions in an around Yorkshire. Not good for me as I suffer from clostrophobia.

Anonymous said...

Stunning! A beautifilled opportunity ...


Rick (Ratty) said...

I'd love to go through a cave, but once it becomes so small I'm done.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Just the kind of place I'm always fantasizing about finding just around the next corner. I like small spaces.

Anonymous said...

Found your site via Entrecard.

I love the shot from inside the cave to the outside. It makes me feel like I'm on a journey.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to go there soooo bad. England is the one country I swear to visit once in my life. *sighs*

This has been spotlighted at my blog! Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

There is a vocal connection with Attermire Cave, but the connection is rabbit-sized.

Anonymous said...

Hi walked past this cave last Sunday there was snow on top of Attamire Scar, had two pints of Black sheep in The Royal Oak in Settle.

Brilliant day out

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