Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cave Formations in Gough's Cave

There are some amazing formations in Gough's Cave, but I can never see what they're supposed to be. What do they look like to you?


Paul said...

I love the colour/tones in the second picture, and what looks to be water reflected on the ceiling of the cave (although I am sure that it is not a reflection from water).

Anonymous said...

Thats a very interesting set of pictures. The first one seems like they are a host of bones stacked up against each other while the second one seems to be a lot of cobwebs. I have seen a cave with similar internal structure or formation at the Mammoth Caves in western Australia. if you are a cave explorer the caves in southern part of western Australia is a must see.

Joanne Olivieri said...

What exciting formations. I can see so much in both photos. The first one almost looks like long alien fingers reaching. I know, I have a weird imagination sometimes. Very cool though, I love these.

Also, I have removed my EC widgets on both blogs. I did keep receiving not only drops in my inbox but dozens of ad requests within minutes as well. Long story short, I canceled my account with them and am so relieved.

Ratty said...

I love the way this stuff looks. It reminds me of melted wax, but it's obvious that it isn't. It's amazing to think of how this was formed.

Keith said...

I want to live in there!

Unknown said...

These are wonderful. The detail is fantastic. Thank you for sharing it as I probably never would have seen these formations otherwise.

George said...

Hi John, You've got some good pics on your site,i have a few taken in the caribbean of some wierd rock formations, if you want to have look you'll have to tell me how to put them on Face book. Dad.

J.D. Lim said...

I am really awed by what I saw. I do hope to visit these place someday. :) If I may promote, we also have nice rock formations in caves here in the Philippines. ;)

Tina said...

uw i love this. the first one looks like some slime has moulded into the rock from a volcano or unexpected happening perhaps?

And the second one looks like rock icicles!

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Cruiselife & Co said...

These are incredible shots. I love the formations.

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