Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Unknown Cave, Yorkshire Dales

unknown cave in the Yorkshire Dales
bones in unknown cave, possibly deer?
passage above the climb, unknown cave, yorkshire


John | English Wilderness said...

Unfortunately I don't know the cave's proper name, since it isn't listed in the guide book.

The narrow entrance is hidden behind a shoulder of rock, 6 feet up from the base of the scar. The recent remains of some unfortunate creature lie just inside the entrance :-(

After a short crawl the passage opens into a low, wide chamber scattered with old bones. The only visible passage is to the right, which quickly ascends to a drop, where the darkness beckons.

Ratty said...

It looks like there are eyes in the first picture. The bones seem like a strange adventure to me, but I would guess you've seen things like that before.

John | English Wilderness said...

Hi Ratty, the two specks must be the camera flash reflecting off something. I think the specks only look like eyes because they're close together, check the hi-res pic :-)

Although I did imagine I heard something moving about, there are lots of strange noises in caves. Bones from small mammals and birds are common. These bones are from something larger, which is unusual. Also strange how they've been scattered.

jodapoet said...

Though I love exploration and would be curious exploring in a cave I think my fear of the unknown would overtake my senses. Wonderful photos there.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I love caves - these pictures are really cool. The bones make it extra spooky!

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